About Flint

Flint is located roughly 60 miles north of Detroit, and is located at the doorstep to everything that Michigan has to offer!

With the nation’s largest freshwater coastline, a weekend at the beach is closer than you think. Whether you are interested in the national or state parks, the over 11,000 inland lakes we have, or want to squeeze in a round of golf; Michigan can offer you world class amenities and untapped beauty just a short drive away.

Flint is also in a major metropolitan area (Detroit-Ann Arbor- Flint CSA) that has roughly 5 million people. That means that 5 star dining, casinos, and amenities that you can only find in bigger cities.


Crim Festival

Flint is currently reinventing itself. Once a major automotive powerhouse, it is becoming a college town. With the fastest growing public university in the state (University of Michigan-Flint), a world class engineering school (Kettering University) and numerous other colleges, Flint is a major success story and it is an exciting time for this city. Flint boasts a world class cultural center, a nationally recognized Farmer’s Market, and revitalized downtown. Although it is moving forward, Flint is a proud of its automotive heritage and boasts the annual Crim festival.

Having all worlds at your fingertips with the reasonable cost of living make Flint a great place to live!